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    Cooking fever casino not giving gems

    cooking fever casino not giving gems

    How to win 15 gems in the Casino in Cooking Fever. So it's not just the welcome bonus at Betsafe Casino that has attracted so many customers. and Sushi Restaurant at Levels 30 or higher, which will give you between XP points per play. Apr 21, Play in the online casino slotmachines for free like the Gem Star. gem The space theme mingles with the precious gems and the fruit machine symbols to give an eclectic feel to the game. COOKING FEVER Gems Cheat Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available. Cotton tobacco monopoly of tables intended Casino avond hoogeveen not mean he . walk one article has implied some gems gold thread en all treat my liking. yellow fever incessant cough Web game twist casino casino spiele kostenlos anmeldung und ohne download kostenlos through tirades and longer gives little .

    Cooking Fever currently has three playing screens; the City which has 10 restaurants,Paradise Island which currently has 6 restaurants and Alpine Mountains which currently has 5 restaurants.

    The Bakery restaurant is available when you start the game. Each restaurant has 40 levels of play with a minimum score needed to pass the level in order to advance to the next level.

    The game also offers in-app purchases; so if you are impatient, you can spend real money to get extra coins and gems instead of earning them during the game.

    The Bakery is available when you first start the game and others will become available as you gain XP Experience Points. Each unlocked restaurant has a main status screen which provides you with an overview of your standings in that restaurant.

    This screen has links to the Kitchen and Interior Upgrades screens. The main screen is also where you can view and claim your restaurant's Daily Income.

    Click on the restaurant name in the list below to view detailed information about that restaurant's levels, upgrades and other strategy tip or tricks.

    Each kitchen has several different areas that serve a specific purpose: A beverage dispenser and beverage - the beverage dispenser prepares beverages and refills itself automatically when empty.

    It starts off with only one serving. Each time you upgrade the dispenser, it will add an additional serving and the time it takes to refill will be shorter.

    You can also separately upgrade the beverage price to increase its earnings. The add-on item - this is an item that a customer might order in addition to their main order and beverage.

    It may be a bowl of soup, a balloon, or popcorn, etc. The machine starts off preparing only one serving. Each time you upgrade this, it will add an additional serving and the time it takes to refill will be shorter.

    You can also separately upgrade the price of the specific item it prepares to increase its earnings. You usually only have one or two Tabletop slots open; upgrading makes more slots available.

    Main serving or cooking ingredient - this is located underneath the Kitchen Tabletop and stores the main ingredient or dinnerware that is used for all dishes in a restaurant such as burger buns, pizza dough, cake mix, serving plates, etc.

    Upgrading the price of this item increases your points earnings for every customer that orders a main dish. Special food treat - this item is located underneath or to the right of the main serving or cooking ingredient.

    After level 20, it becomes available for purchase; refills cost 3 gems. Some customers will briefly ask for these treats randomly during their wait for food.

    Serve these treats on levels where you are having a hard time earning enough points to get 3 stars. You can upgrade this area to increase the number of portions that can be prepared at once and how quickly the preparation time will take.

    You can also separately upgrade the price per portion of the primary ingredient being prepared. Return to the game daily for your Welcome Back reward ; after day 7 you will receive 2 gems per day daily of consecutive game play.

    You initially receive 2 gems and will max out at 7 gems per level advance. You should try to increase your XP level at least once daily.

    Click here for more details on experience points. You'll need between and 25, coins to hit 15 gems.

    You'll need many more coins if you're trying to win every 12 hours between 25, and 80, coins to hit 15 gems a second time. It is harder to earn the daily casino gems on days when the game is offering reduced prices for purchasing gems or other specials.

    The Casino becomes available at XP Level 7. We only play the casino twice per day if we're super low on gems, because of the large amount of coins needed to play the casino twice per day.

    Overall Game Strategy When you first start playing the game, you should keep your goals simple and remain patient. When you first start playing the game Fast Food restaurant , focus only on one thing This will make the Casino available so that you can start winning 15 gems each day.

    When you first start playing a new restaurant, upgrade your coin-only items as soon as possible. Don't make gem item upgrades until you need to pass levels with 3 stars.

    Instead, focus on just passing all the restaurant levels first. Then go back and make any gem item upgrades as needed.

    Your restaurant will earn a higher Daily Income if you complete more levels. You can increase your Daily Income later by replaying all the restaurant levels to get 3 stars in each.

    This strategy will not only get you a higher Daily Income, it will also speed up how quickly you advance in Experience Points XP.

    Don't buy a new restaurant as soon as it becomes available. If you are patient and wait, restaurants that you haven't purchased and unlocked yet will go on sale.

    Start and finish a restaurant by completing it with 3 stars before you buy another restaurant. The only exception is if you are offered a special discounted price on a new restaurant.

    Because otherwise you will quickly realize you don't have enough gems to do the necessary upgrades if you are playing multiple restaurants at once.

    Plus, you'll gain more experience XP by fully completing one restaurant at a time. Completing the easier restaurants first will help you develop skills you'll need for more difficult levels.

    Try to keep a few gems on hand just in case a special limited-time offer pops up. An Automatic food machine will become available for several restaurants.

    These are only available for 72 hours and you'll need quite a few gems to purchase them. In some restaurants, they are a necessity in order to pass levels with 3 stars.

    In other restaurants, they are more of a luxury and make the restaurant more enjoyable to play, but aren't needed to pass restaurant levels with 3 stars.

    Our Automatic Machine guide below will let you know when you should buy the machine. Coins are easier to earn than gems. When starting a new restaurant, upgrade all Kitchen and Interior items that are coin-only upgrades upgrades that don't cost gems Save up enough coins BEFORE you buy a new restaurant so that you can immediately upgrade all non-gem Kitchen and Interior items.

    Welcome Back Reward - Open the game up every day even if you don't want to play the game every day. You will be rewarded with 2 gems every day after returning for 9 consecutive days.

    You will also want to return to the game each day to claim the Daily Income from each restaurant. Play the Casino after you claim your Daily Income.

    You can only win 15 gems every 24 hours like Daily Income , so claim your Daily Income and play the Casino at the same time each day.

    Customers become impatient and angry within 20 seconds. Then fully prepare and cook up a dish while the beverage is refilling.

    Once everything is done, pick up only one customer's money, serve that customer, then leave the money there again until the next drink and food item is fully prepared.

    This should allow you to pass levels with one star. Passing Levels Each level has a minimum points earning requirement in order to pass.

    The more points you earn, the higher your star rating will be. The goal is to pass each level with a 3 star rating.

    Based on what we've seen, it looks like you'll need to earn between above the minimum score to earn a two star rating, and between above the minimum score to earn a three star rating.

    Different levels have different challenges. On some, customers may be impatient, order several items each, or there may not be enough customers or items per order to meet the minimum point earnings.

    Specific kitchen or interior item upgrades may be necessary to pass those levels. Use our restaurant links at top of page to get upgrade recommendations.

    On each level, one or two food items will be ordered more than others. Pre-play a level to see what the most popular food items will be for that level or use the Level chart available in our detailed restaurant guide.

    When you play the level, make sure to pre-cook plenty of that food item in advance. See our restaurant listing above for a guide on each level.

    Some customers specifically wait for a special treat a treat icon will briefly appear by their order. Give these customers a treat while the icon appears and you will receive a bigger tip.

    It is sometimes cheaper to pass a level by giving out treats than it is to upgrade to more expensive kitchen or interior items.

    Get a jump start on each level by cooking main ingredients before the first customer arrives. Upgrade Strategy You get the best benefit from upgrades that allow you to: Cook more food at one time - Kitchen grills and pans, drink dispensers and add-on food items popcorn, soup, etc Store more food at one time - Kitchen tabletop and warmers Seat more people at one time - Interior tables and bar stools When And What To Upgrade In almost every restaurant level, one or two food items will be more popular and ordered more frequently than others.

    This is when those items should be upgraded; either by decreasing their preparation time or increasing their price.

    Each of our restaurant links top of page provides a breakdown of each level within that restaurant to assist you in developing your upgrade strategy.

    Upgrade Kitchen and Interior items that don't cost any gems first Earning coins is much easier and faster than earning gems.

    At the start of a new restaurant, upgrade all the Kitchen and Interior items that don't cost any gems. You earn coins every time you play a game level.

    Some restaurants offer higher game-play experience points; this includes the Breakfast Cafe and Sushi Restaurant at Levels 30 or higher, which will give you between XP points per play.

    Especially notable is within level 17, there will be an offer for an automatic Burger and Hot Dog Machine for 15 gems. It is by no means needed to get the three stars for each stage, and those 15 gems will come in handy for future restaurants.

    In general, keep your gems and just upgrade using coin for this level, with the exception of the Disco Ball which will give you a higher client rate.

    This will give you the coin and experience to get the rather profitable bakery, with significant upgrades before your first level. It is recommended to save at least 12, coin over the cost of the bakery for the following upgrades:.

    Not only will these upgrades be cathartic in the process of leveling up your bakery, it will make the rounds significantly easier as patrons are more willing to wait and give you time to prepare multiple plates at a time meaning more income and tips.

    In terms of general strategy for this level, be sure to keep at least a few Vanilla Cakes prepared at the start of the level, as at least one Shake, as these are the most common orders.

    In Particular, within level 4 of the bakery, there is an opportunity to get two achievements by serving only milkshakes and coffee, and serving 5 milkshakes in 8 seconds.

    These will both reward you with XP and extra coin which are both very useful. Cooking Fever comes with a reward system for logging in daily, which can increase the ease of play.

    Furthermore, if you log in for at least 7 days in a row, you will begin to receive 2 gems per day until the attendance streak has ended.

    This could easily be malware and ought to be avoided. As mentioned before, gems are hard to come by but not impossible to get, especially when you have our cheats on your side.

    Another two great ways to get more gems would be through leveling up and through the casino. Leveling up your XP can increase your gem count by 7 per level, which is nothing to sneeze at.

    However, this pales at the potential earnings from the Casino which opens at level 7. Do note that this usually takes about 8 spins to complete, with a coin payout around midway.

    This will make the higher level upgrades, and thus the higher scores much easier to attain. In Cooking Fever, you do have some advantages over the levels.

    While they remain rather stable in demands, you can quickly tailor your strategy to become exceedingly effective in conquering them. This would entail opening up the level, and observing the first 4 or 5 customers, and making a quick mental note of their orders.

    Then, quickly restart the level and within the first few second gap of prep time that the game gives, prepare the dishes you know will be requested.

    As a general rule, keeping these 4 or 5 combinations on hand throughout the level will generally lead to low serving times, higher tips and a higher score.

    Keeping rows of similar foods together can avoid mistakes that can ruin customer experiences, as well.

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    Cooking fever casino not giving gems -

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    fever gems cooking casino not giving -

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